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This is the headquarters of the War Thunder squadron Allied Forces! We are a dedicated and serious Military Simulation Squadron with a heavy focus on historical realism. We pride ourselves in our: Exceptional teamwork, Simulation and Enduring Confrontation play, our Weekly Custom Air And Ground Campaigns, as well as with our Flight School - For those interested in greatly enhancing their simulation play! While we do play all nations, our main emphasis for our special events and training is on allied nations, as our name might suggest. Options for other nations will open and change as events and campaigns progress. We primarily play simulator aircraft and tanks, with a focus on the coordination between all of our units. Joining our squadron will help you learn that type of coordination in a friendly, teamwork centered environment. We want to see you flourish in our ranks!

How to apply:

To enlist please fill out an application on this site, this will take up to a day to be processed. After doing so, you will be contacted by an officer - They will set you up an interview, walk you through our rules and regulations, guide you on posting your profile on the forums, and will happily be ready to answer any questions you may have. Joining our TeamSpeak and messaging an officer will be the best way to hasten your application process.

Our Requirements:

-You play or want to play simulator Air and Ground.

-Consistently able to join our TeamSpeak.

-Microphone not required (Highly recommended).

-Attempt to attend our events as much as possible.

-Refer to our code of conduct for additional rules you must follow if you plan on joining:

Fill out our application form in the link below:

Make yourself available for on our TeamSpeak for an interview with an officer.

Our TeamSpeak 3 Server is publicly available; however, until we get to know you: you'll be marked as [Stranger] and will have to contact an officer for a chat and/or to be moved to a different channel (this will change upon application acceptance) .

Allied Forces Training Academy

We offer a 4 Week long Cadet Training Program for those interested in improving their simulation flying - at the successful completion of which be given a commission in Allied Forces, assigned your official squadron number, and will be able to join their wing of choice.

Cadet Training Sessions:

Our Squadron’s CTP Flight School has multiple weekly training sessions. You don't have to make all of them, and we understand if you are unable. These sessions are where we learn to improve our simulation flight skills, practice combat maneuvers, and where we master flying as a team.

Sessions Times:

Every Wednesday at 01:00 GMT (20.00 EST)
These times are subject to change due to the availability of the instructors but once you are enrolled you’ll be given a more coordinated schedule.

Events are Thursday at 01:00 GMT (20:00 EST) 

Cadets that successfully graduate from this course will be assigned to a Flight Squadron depending on their preferred vehicles and timezone.

The current options are:

  • U.S 8th Army Air Force (NA Players)


Within those squadrons, you will be able to sign up for a wing. These wings are four-man groups that train together on the regular and fight together on Saturday Events & Campaigns. Each wing has a specialty, be it fighters, attackers, interceptors, bombers, etc.


One of the major realism aspects our Squadron, ranks play a key role in how we run things. Upon application acceptance you will be enlisted as a cadet, and through your service with us you will be promoted. Passing your first training program will be the quickest, and most effective way to be awarded your first official rank. Higher ranking members will play larger roles, from commanding wings/platoons, to commanding companies, to commanding entire army groups!

Joining the CTP:

  • Disobeying direct orders from officers
  • TS is required, as is push to talk. You must be active whenever you are playing War Thunder. No exceptions.
  • When joining/leaving a channel on TeamSpeak, you are required to sign in/out by stating "[name], signing in/out"
  • Proper Comms during practice will be kept when called for. This means that you are only allowed to talk if it relates to the battle at hand.
  • Names have to be appropriate (General rule, if you have to wonder if yours is, better change it)
  • Avatars must be appropriate
  • Bombers cannot, in anyway, be played as gunships. Mouse aim is forbidden.
  • Yellow Channel Commanders light in a room = Do Not Disturb. Can be triggered by a squad leader.
  • Any squadron member, who is deemed, abusive or disrupts the peace, can be kicked if the senior officers decide he should be. 
  • You must represent us well in public games, don't rage or shout vulgarities. You represent Allied Forces.

Failure to follow the code of conduct will result on marks on your service record.

Your Service Record

[Col.] Morley a posted Dec 6, 15

Your service record is used to recognize your progression in the Squadron. It will show your rank, completed training programs, currently assigned squad, medals and infractions.

Receiving too many negative marks (infractions) on your service record, may result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the Squadron at the discretion of the Squadron officers. You will be informed of any decisions both via a PM and verbally on TeamSpeak.

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