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This is the headquarters of the War Thunder squadron Allied Forces. We are a dedicated and serious War Thunder unit. This is a Mil-Sim group focused on historical realism. While we do play all nations, we choose put an emphasis on allied nations for events and training. We play simulator aircraft, with a focus on the coordination  between our dedicated cordination between all of our units. 

Cadets/Privates that enlist into our unit, will be required to take a basic training course. After you graduate from this course, you will be assigned to a Flight Squadron depending on your preferred vehicles and timezone.

These choices are: 

  • U.S 9th Army Air Force (NA Fighters)
  • U.S 8th Army Air Force (NA Bombers)
  • RAF 9th Squadron (EU Bombers)
  • RAF 41st Squadron (EU Fighters)


These Flight Squadrons do not only play what those groups used historically, but will be used to determine, if you are a  fighter or bomber pilot. Whether you belong in the EU or NA division will be determined by your preferred playtime.


Within those armies, you will sign up for a wing. These are four man groups that train together on Wednesday and fight together on Saturday events. Each wing has a specialty, be it fighters, bombers, etc. for the current campaign.

These are 4 man squads.  


We have wings to a company. A company is officially controlled by a captain, though Major's may take direct control. Each army group, as we grow, will have multiple companies, but has just 1 at the moment. 

Training sessions

This unit has multiple weekly training sessions. You are expected to attend each one, or let us know in advance if you are unavailable. Failure to inform the officers that you are unavailable will result in marks on your service record. If you fail to regularly attend training sessions, you will be removed from Allied Forces. 

Training sessions are at: 

20:00 GMT (15.00 EST) Wednesday or Friday (You will enroll in either Wednesday or Friday Classes)  and Aviators of War is Sunday (19:00 GMT) for all qualified pilots.  for the RAF 9th Squadron, RAF 41st Squadron, and all cadets who wish to enroll into these groups

01:00 GMT (20.00 EST) Wednesday (You will enroll in either Wednesday or Friday Classes) and Saturday for the USAAF 8th Air Force, and USAAF 9th Air Force, and all cadets who wish to enroll in these groups 

Fridays will be used for officer training sessions and briefings, which all enlisted officers are asked to attend, this will be at the same times as shown above. 

If you cannot make practice you are asked to PM your platoon/squadron leader in advance. 


This unit is a realism unit. You will enlist as a cadet, and through your service you shall be promoted. After you pass your first training program you'll be awarded a rank. Higher ranking members will have more jobs, from commanding wings/platoons, to commanding companies, to commanding army groups! Find more info about the ranks here: [Link will be posted once available]

Training Programs

You will be required to enlist into one of these:

Enlisting in the Allied Forces! 

To enlist please fill out an application on this site. After you do that, you will be contacted by an officer. They will set up a interview, and walk you through posting your profile on the forums, answering questions, and reading you the rules. You can join our TS, and look officers to PM you as well, if you would like to set up an interview that way. 

Our TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is publicly available, but until we get to know you, you'll be marked as [Stranger] and have to contact an officer for a chat and/or to be moved to a different channel.

TeamSpeak address:

No password necessary! 

Come join us today! Fly like a ww2 in warthunder!

Credit to Yuugen for the image, our friend from AOW

  • Disobeying direct orders from officers
  • TS is required, as is push to talk. You must be active whenever you are playing War Thunder. No exceptions.
  • When joining/leaving a channel on TeamSpeak, you are required to sign in/out by stating "[name], signing in/out"
  • Proper Comms during practice will be kept when called for. This means that you are only allowed to talk if it relates to the battle at hand.
  • Names have to be appropriate (General rule, if you have to wonder if yours is, better change it)
  • Avatars must be appropriate
  • Bombers cannot, in anyway, be played as gunships. Mouse aim is forbidden.
  • Yellow Channel Commanders light in a room = Do Not Disturb. Can be triggered by a squad leader.
  • Any squadron member, who is deemed, abusive or disrupts the peace, can be kicked if the senior officers decide he should be. 
  • You must attend training sessions or let your platoon/squadron leader know in advance through a leave report on the forum. 
  • You must represent us well in public games, don't rage or shout vulgarities. You represent Allied Forces.

Failure to follow the code of conduct will result on marks on your service record.

Your Service Record

[Col.] Morley a posted Dec 6, 15

Your service record is used to recognize your progression in the Squadron. It will show your rank, completed training programs, currently assigned squad, medals and infractions.

Receiving too many negative marks (infractions) on your service record, may result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the Squadron at the discretion of the Squadron officers. You will be informed of any decisions both via a PM and verbally on TeamSpeak.

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